Micro Warehouse

The digital market is a high-octane competition for each and every player, as most platforms have a similar offering within the specific categories. The price point is one important criterion for selection, while delivery time is the other. And as flash sales become the order of the day for many an e commerce portals, the logistics end of the scheme is a micro warehouse. Turnaround time and speed of delivery are critical variables of the trade, and with micro warehouses, the customers can get the ordered product in as much as a few hours time on the same day.

The idea here is to make use of existing buying behavior and purchase trends to predict and stock a reasonable inventory of a few key products. In certain cases, the customer may opt to pay a premium for a particular product if it can be delivered to them on the same day.


TOHFLFREIGHT micro warehouse service is designed to augment the brand value of the e commerce companies by affecting a time definite same day delivery system.

Image by Ruchindra Gunasekara