Road Freight

Tejas Open Haul Freight Logistics Private Limited is the one of the largest managers of Full Truck Loads and is capable of handling situations that are critically important to our customers’ productivity.

Our team have 2 decades of experience and deep capacity to make sure that your shipment doesn't get delayed.

Our team match your shipment with the right vehicle and the right route, or enter it for bid in our transportation management system, where truck sourcing takes less than 57 minutes on average.

Supply chain disruptions are frustrating, costly and almost impossible to solve on your own. For that, you need our resources.

  • Intra City Transportation (First Mile, Last Mile)

  • Inter State Transportation (Long Haul) – Nationwide shipping

  • Reefers, Trailers, Open Trucks & Container Trucks

  • Short haul regional capacity.

Truck and Warehouse